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Trace Heating cable specialist

ELTRACE is a family-owned company founded in May 1993, the culmination of 30 years in the marketing and expertise of freeze protection and fluid temperature maintenance systems in buildings and industries.

At that time, orders amounted to nearly 50 kilometers in the first years. With this development, in 1995, ELTRACE, in partnership with a Swiss partner, developed an ultra-fast connector for self-regulating heating cables, the DOMOCLICK™, the fastest connector on the market.

To meet a growing demand for turnkey solutions, ELTRACE created its Installation department. Among its first contracts, it won the installation of over 10 kilometers of cables for the Renault TechnoCentre. These cables are still fully operational today.

In 1998, ELTRACE developed an ultra-thin heating cable, a concentrate of nanotechnologies suitable for both the industrial and building markets. From the 2000s, ELTRACE continued its commercial development in export markets and became a key player internationally.

A Diversified Offering

In 2011, ELTRACE launched its new range of ready-to-use products, the AQUACABLE™ cables for freeze protection of pipes, with a micro thermostat, plug to power outlet, and perfectly watertight cold connection, as well as its equivalent, the GUTTACABLE™ for gutter protection.

With its successes, ELTRACE expanded its offerings to include heating cables for outdoor floors, including a cable designed for lawn heating. The first football stadium, Abbé Deschamps of AJ Auxerre, was equipped with it, followed by other renowned stadiums such as Stade de France, LOSC, Lyon, Le Havre, etc...

In addition to its comprehensive solutions for outdoor heating, ELTRACE entered the residential market. To meet French regulations following the Grenelle environmental agreements, ELTRACE developed a system that combines ecology and electric heating, all compatible with the new thermal regulations.


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