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Heating mat with two heating cables: main and rescue

Trames chauffante pour seuil de chambre froide negativeELSAS electric heating mats sink into the concrete. They prevent the formation of ice on the surface of freezer doors or storage rooms. ELSAS heating mats are equipped with a double circuit: a main circuit and an emergency circuit, placed on a trellis suitable for concrete.

They apply when installing a negative cold room, freezing room, refrigerating room or industrial cold room.

The heating mat must be regulated by an electronic thermostat of the ELTE-1 or ELTH-B390 type. The temperature sensor will be placed in a glove finger, in order to make it interchangeable. The probe will be placed on the same plane and in the axis of the heating conductors.

Technical description

Download ELSAS Datasheet


Nominal voltage 230 V
Cold lead cable 4 m (1.5 mm²)
Tolerance -5 % / +10 %
Minimum installation temperature +5 °C
Minimum bending radius 5 x Da
Maximum rated temperature +90 °C
Hot/cold junction Waterproof


Reference Label Voltage Power Dimension
ELSAS-360 Heating mat for door step (main and rescue)  230 V 2 x 360 W 0.5 m x 2 m
ELSAS-560 Heating mat for door step (main and rescue)  230 V 2 x 560 W 0.5 m x 3 m
ELSAS-744 Heating mat for door step (main and rescue)  230 V 2 x 744 W 0.5 m x 5 m
ELSAS-925 Heating mat for door step (main and rescue)  230 V 2 x 925 W 0.5 m x 5 m
ELSAS-1083 Heating mat for door step (main and rescue)  230 V 2 x 1083 W 0.5 m x 6 m
ELSAS-1236 Heating mat for door step (main and rescue)  230 V 2 x 1236 W 0.5 m x 7 m

Implementation, installation

The implementation of the heating cables is carried out according to the diagram. This is to protect the floors of cold rooms against the formation of frost. The heating mats are equipped with 2 heating cables: 1 normal and 1 emergency in case of failure of the first.

Installation seuil chambre froide


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